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BIG NEWS! We are one of 21 projects selected for the wemakeit Impact Fund. They will match your contribution, up to 25,000 Francs!

BIG NEWS! The wemakeit Impact Fund will match your contribution, up to 25,000 Francs!

We're making our contribution for a better future for our planet and the families of today and tomorrow.

Every year 90,000 strollers end up in the the garbage in Switzerland. We’re offering a solution to this problem. With our pioneering stroller design project and flexible and modular stroller subscription, we want to make our contribution to a better future for our planet and the families of today and tomorrow – we need your support for our prototype now!

Funding stages

Baby steps

We are looking to raise CHF 80,000 to build our first prototypes before putting them through their paces. Along the way, we will be constantly improving our strollers before bringing them onto the market. Parents will be able to test the first stroller prototypes this year (2021).
Milestone 1

CHF 25,000

As soon as we reach the first stage, we can pay for all the necessary materials for our product development. You support us by allowing us to buy sustainable building materials such as wheels, screws, aluminum, wood and textiles
Milestone 2

CHF 60,000

Production When we reach the second stage, we can start producing the prototypes and pay for everything that has to do with workmanship. This includes artisans such as a carpenter, machinist, tailor and pattern designer.
Milestone 3

CHF 80,000

As soon as we reach the third stage, the entire testing of the stroller, including the TüV technical safety check, is secured. The product development can be completed and nothing stands in the way of our market entry.

And what if there's more?

If we collect more than CHF 80,000, we can hire another product developer to advance the development of the stroller more quickly. It would also help us to pay for our working space in the Home of Innovation in Winterthur.

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