We see waste as a design flaw.

Our model of choose, use, upcycle and recycle as an opportunity for consumers to choose sustainability, use and reuse beloved products, upcycle goods into more useful appliances, and recycle items only when they have truly reached the end of their serviceable lives.

Our Philosophy

We, the colleagues and collaborators of Loopi, are striving to be and to create the change we wish to see in the world. When it comes to producing consumer goods, we at Loopi see environmental harm as a design flaw, and our model of choose, reuse, refurbish, upcycle and recycle as an opportunity for consumers to choose sustainability, reuse and refurbish beloved products, upcycle goods into more useful appliances, and recycle items only when they have truly reached the end of their serviceable lives. When we first came up with the idea of Loopi, it was borne out of a desire to create meaningful change while demonstrating that consumer goods could be produced ethically and sustainably throughout. We wanted to wake up every morning with a real purpose, commit to work which felt significant, and go to bed each night feeling we had done our very best to make the world a better place. One of our founders, Mirco, first spotted the gap in the family consumer market for a customisable, recyclable stroller which was made using fair trade practices, supported local businesses, and promoted good working conditions for employees and factory workers.  Together, Loopi’s founding team knew that the idea could start to redress some of the social, economic and environmental disparities in the family consumer market by creating products made with love and respect for the planet and the consumers themselves. More

Families and communities

Bringing new life into the world comes with so many responsibilities: towards our children, towards our communities, and towards our planet’s future. These obligations have driven the designs for Loopi’s stroller products and for our subscription service.

We know that parents of young children, especially first time parents, face an abundance of choice when selecting products and services to help them in raising their family. While we now live in a world of invaluable online support to help guide new parents towards appropriate purchases, parenthood remains an experience unique to each family. This means, for example, that though parents might have selected an appropriate stroller from the market, it isn’t necessarily customised to their family’s unique needs and specifications and therefore is not the perfect product for them.

Our research shows that, in order to fill their roster of needs, a quarter of families will own three or more strollers simply because currently available stroller products don’t have the flexibility to adapt to different situations. Parents might want a light collapsible stroller for travelling, a heavy-duty stroller for outdoor activities, a stroller with lots of storage space for grocery shopping, and an easy-to-clean and easy-to-adapt stroller for changeable weather and messy child’s play. In short, parents often end up committing large amounts of time, money, and mental and emotional energy, into purchasing products that leave them feeling dissatisfied, and which either end up being totally replaced or becoming part of a roster of different stroller models which they switch between and end up taking up uncomfortable amounts of space in their homes. The extra raw materials and resources our planet must provide for people to own multiple strollers will, inevitably, end up in landfill once families no longer have use for them and discover that strollers are totally unrecyclable. But at Loopi, we know that being a sustainable family is possible, and that both owning multiple strollers at time and sending unwanted products to landfill are totally unnecessary consequences of modern stroller design.

Our strollers are customisable and designed to be tailored to each family’s unique needs, meaning that our products are time saving, cost effective, and guaranteed to be recycled to a high standard as many times as possible using non-toxic materials. Parents only need to own one Loopi stroller, and that stroller can be edited and upgraded as much as is required using Loopi’s range of customisable add-ons and components parts. What’s more, parents only pay for what they need – if a family only needs trail tyres for one holiday this year, they order and pay for the components for as long as they need and simply return them to Loopi when they’re done.

We want consumers to feel that they own their strollers and that they are tailored to them with love and care, but we also want our customers to feel like their Loopi products and services are accessible and useful tools which can be integrated into their lives and grow with their children as they explore the world and thrive. So as well as making Loopi products totally personalised and family-oriented, we also want to reignite the sense of ownership that communities used to have over products and services by involving our customers in how we make our strollers and keeping production local and connected to the places we live. Products made overseas are far removed from the people that purchase and use them. As well as creating a like-minded community of eco-conscious families and employees, we bring production home and make sure everything we do is focused around sustainable living and truly high quality strollers which really feel like a part of the family.


Environmental Awareness

At Loopi, it just isn’t enough to ensure that our strollers can be reused, refurbished and recycled as many times as possible. We want to ensure that our products are made in the healthiest way for people and the planet.

As little as one hundred years ago, the vast majority of things we purchased – whether they were clothes, shoes, toys, household items, or foods – were made from locally sourced materials and created by people in our own communities. Quality workmanship was predicated on the fact that goods were made by the people we knew and lived near to, and our individual carbon footprints were exponentially smaller because items did not need to be shipped halfway around the world from the manufacturer before we could buy them, and the high quality of the products meant that we only had to buy one of an item which would then last us our whole lives – and maybe our children’s lives, too!

At Loopi, we produce our products in Europe and Switzerland as standard, and rely on our supply chain being within touching distance of our product designers and our consumers. That way, we can ensure that there are no unnecessary air miles attached to our products, we are contributing to our local economy using secure and reliable manufacturers, and that consumers can truly see all the way along the production chain – you might recognise a few of the people along it!

In terms of raw materials, in our research we found many problems with the way strollers and family products are designed, created and sold: Firstly, most are made out of plastics which quickly wear out to a point beyond salvaging simply through reasonable use. Secondly, the majority of strollers are made of several types of plastic which are blended together, thus making them unrecyclable; only pure plastics can be recycled and even then for only a limited number of cycles. Furthermore, many companies find recycling too expensive in comparison to simply burning old products. Thirdly, many of these plastics are made from toxic raw materials which can degrade into micro-plastics that pollute waterways and end up being indirectly ingested by both humans and animals. Many plastics also contain chemical additives which can be absorbed through contact with human skin, or are shown to have adverse effects on the growth and development of animals and their offspring which ingest these chemicals. Of course, there are a number of global regulatory bodies which monitor and specify an “acceptable level” of ingestible additives, and ensure that the vast majority of strollers on the market will not do significant harm to consumers or their children. However, at Loopi we believe that any level of ingestible additives in our products is too much, and we are committed to ensuring that every stroller we produce is made from materials so clean that they don’t need a warning label or an environmental asterisk.


Social Responsibility

10 of the biggest stroller brands in the world are produced in China, so purchasing from these brands adds to the true social, environmental, health, and economic costs of the products through their export to Western markets and the significantly lower environmental standards which govern their production and the sourcing of raw materials. Furthermore, purchasing from these companies endorses the frequently poor working conditions, low wages and human rights abuses faced by workers in many overseas factories.

Fundamental to Loopi’s business practice is a commitment to social responsibility, and all our products and services are made in a socially sustainable way. We ensure fair working conditions and fair wages for all our workers along the production chain, and demand high standards for the health and welfare of all our employees. This includes making equal opportunities employment the cornerstone of our enterprise, with affirmative action undertaken to promote gender equality, racial and social diversity, the promotion of part-time work and gender-equal wages, the provision and promotion of apprenticeships and back-to-work schemes, and facilitating employment for people with disabilities. We also prioritise the building of a strong ethically-focused community with regular employee events and a strong support network to ensure a wonderful work-life balance for everyone in our network.

At Loopi, we know that families are as unique and customisable as our strollers, so we strive to make sure that we represent and serve every family in every form. Our Loopi community is nothing without the diverse and beautiful make-up of our family network, so we love to include real families and our real customers in our branding and marketing. We always strive to be the most inclusive stroller brand in the world, and nothing less will suffice. Sustainable family living isn’t just for one type of family, it’s for every family, and we are proud to reflect that ethos in everything we do.


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